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​If you are a working professional in Singapore, worried about the rising cost of living in Singapore and 
looking for more ways to create a secondary income, read on…

So I literally tried everything, I tried MLM, I tried e-commerce, I even tried setting up an online business. Truth is, I was getting good returns for the first few months, but after a while the inventory gets ridiculous.

Because there is no warehouse, stocks would be littered all over my place, and after a while, things would get lost and orders get mixed up, it was horrible.

  Eventually, I closed down my online business because I was working even harder on this than my day job and I'm not getting enough returns I expected.
I’m also guessing you’re tired of figuring this internet advertising game out…getting left behind while all the rich get richer while you’re still stuck in an endless 9-5 cycle.

Let me help you.
My name is Nicholas. 2 years ago, I went through a series of setback from failing in my side business, getting fired from my job and falling out with my family. I didn't have much money and had to support my Mum. If you told me then that I would be travelling around the world together with my mum & collecting a steady flow of income online just by sending emails; I would have said “It’s impossible! Starting a business requires alot of capital! How siah?”
That was what I thought until I stumbled upon a little-known strategy and after some time of refining it... It allowed me to create consistent income of 5-10k USD/mo
Together with my team, we formed Clickz Academy, a growing group of underground online entrepreneurs that use time and tested strategies to create a self sustaining email advertising business with little or no money down.

We started to conduct classes and workshops so that we can grow this community bigger, share the pie with like minded individuals and we would like to invite you to our upcoming masterclass! 

Most importantly,
Student Success Stories

Sales 1 week after learning from the course!
Skeptical to earning $1000~ additional per month!
Earns $500+ Passively after attending the course
Received his first $300 dollars earned online just after 2 months!
Sales 1 week after learning from the course!
From being skeptical to earning $1000~ additional per month!
Earns $500+ Passively after attending the course
Received his first $300 dollars earned online just after 2 months!

$500/month just after Feb's workshop

$400/month just after Feb's Workshop
$1100/month just after Feb's Workshop

Small wins from new students!
$500/month just after Feb's workshop
$400/month just after Feb's Workshop
$1100/month just after Feb's Workshop
Small wins from new students!
"Genuine, very patient, and makes sure you understand everything"

- Class of June'19
I will highly recommend to anyone.
I came with an open mind, I told myself that I will give it my best shot.
This course was an eye opener, and I am very excited to start making money!

- Marilyn 
What attracted me the most is because there is a lot of hands on, and to be able to be guided and learn and ask questions on the spot, it helps the process of learning much faster.
- Norisa

"Nick, You have taught me something that I now can apply and take care of myself for the rest of my life."
I will recommend this course to whoever is in Singapore to learn this from him because he is physically there to hold your hands and help you until you master it.
- Raymond
I learnt how the internet can bring money. If you are looking for passive or additional income, COME. Look for Nick.
- Ron

I like the part that it is not only applicable to one niche, I can spread it out to others in the future.
I have met a lot of trainers and Nick actually takes time to make sure you understand everything.
He doesn’t do it for the money, he’s like “Okay I am here to help you out.” 
- Zane
Thanks for all you have shared with us.

- Raymond
All of our previous masterclasses have been fully booked within days! 
If you missed this chance, we might not have another one so soon!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. I don’t know how to use technology. Can I still join this course?

Of course you can! The only thing stopping you from doing this course is yourself.

In fact, a large percentage of our students do not have strong technological background, and they do not face major problems or difficulties during the masterclass. Of course, if you are faced with any difficulties, we have trainers during the masterclass to help and guide you step by step if you have any queries. 

2. Does email marketing still work in this day and age? 

Yes! Of course. We have had countless successful student testimonials; even from our recent masterclass this month. Most, if not all of our students have received sales and made money even during the masterclass itself. 

Hence, we believe that with the right skills and techniques, which will be imparted during the masterclass, anyone can build a successful email marketing campaign. 

3. Do you have another date and time for this event?

Not at the moment. Most of the time, the speakers are at mastermind events, networking, or expanding their Email Marketing business. Hence, it is difficult to organize masterclasses like this. If you can't make it for this event, you can still register first, and we will update you if we have similar events in the future.

4. I’m still working and I want to ensure that this passive income exceeds my current job’s income before I consider pursuing this full time so it is less risky for me. Can I still take up this course?

Of course you can! We have had students juggle between work and email marketing and are still able to deliver successful marketing campaigns! 

We need to warn you though, eventually they all quit their careers so prepare your resignation letter! 

5. Why is email marketing the best source of passive income?

The fact that you can:
- work anytime and anywhere
- Very low cost to set up AND maintain
- All you need to do is send emails!
- No backend logistics and shipping problems
- No risk, there is a constant demand
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